Hi everyone, it’s been an exciting week as once again on Tuesday morning I walked to chalkwell station boarded the train to do my second year at the London School of supernatural ministry. I have so missed being in this company of people over summer, there is something special about being in a prophetic community.  … More Accelerate 


A few weeks ago I was in prayer about my mind, my head had been in a swirl, I had a headache, toothache, jaw ache my whole head felt like it was under attack, I was like what is this? For a while now I’ve known I need to think much more different than where … More Speak!

August Update

I have been astounded already at the different people that have come into my life, two years ago I had just come back from a hiatus from church life. I went away from church because I was mad with people, I had a voice and didn’t feel I had any room and didn’t know how … More August Update