New Faces, New places, God’s Favour

Where do I begin!

Let me begin with a scripture Colossians 3.17 ‘And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him’ So let me begin with simply saying Thank you God!!


Let me start back in May, it was a Friday morning I had almost packed everything for camping at the Big Church Day out in Sussex when I was messaged totally out the blue by the head of the school of supernatural ministry in London asking whether I’d like to come along to Holland as they had a spare place! I was wowed by it and laughed for a moment, I sorted it with work and so two weeks later just short on Wednesday 8th June we set off from Gatwick to the nation of Holland.


Two of my cousins live in Holland but I’d never dreamed or imagined going here, so to be here with the school that I was only attending once a month and having done the firestarters course back in April felt very special. The moment I landed I had a great sense that great things lay ahead for the few days there, I felt the Holy Spirit whoosh as I got off the aircraft. We travelled for a while, I had no idea where we was going but I felt safe so that was cool, we ended up travelling down a road with trees lining it like in a movie and ended up at the huge mansion complex in the middle of nowhere. Well, it was not far from a town called Voorthuizen.


We all had nice conversations with the two guys who drove us and shared prophetic words with them on the way. I was instantly wowed by the friendliness of these people here in Holland. The mansion complex was owned by the Dutch national bank and was sold off before the banking crisis, so after much prayer walk round the building and people being very faithful in doing that God answered prayer and they were given the building; Once a financial powerhouse, with secret deals, now a Kingdom powerhouse!


We spoke to the leaders and had food, we shared prophetic words with each other then begun to pray for the sick among us. Now I used to get some very bad stomach problems linked to travel, if I stayed somewhere unfamiliar it would real start off and had begun to do so in Holland so they prayed for me. I have to say in the morning I felt so much better and never had a problem the whole weekend since! Praise God for that. That night we prayed for many people, I saw my first leg grow out with my room mate Danny. Danny really moves in power and love and his intention was to get someone else to pray for the leg to grow out but before he could do that the leg grew out without saying anything! Haha, that’s the power of God! It felt a bit like the story from Peters shadow in the book of Acts except no shadow but obvious healing.


That night we went to sleep about midnight dutch time, I was laying in bed and the Holy Spirit begun to show me this vision of a giant wave hitting land, like a huge tidal wave, as it swept across there were forks of lightning smashing down into the ground. I always see lightning as breakthrough – that got me excited. I then saw just a flooded land. It was cool and I shared this word with a few people over the coming days. The Holy Spirit also showed me a picture and told me I would met a lady called Helen and it was awesome, the next morning sure enough at the entrance I meet a Helen and share the picture, Yay God! The final word I got was simply the word ‘Spines’. We finished the group discussions the next day at one point and I just had a sudden urge to go to a certain group of people and ask them who had back trouble, two did, we prayed and said back be healed in Jesus name. Both were instantly healed which was amazing!


So we are now onto the first day of the training, so I sit down with my group of 10 leaders from different church denominations. I feel so insecure and vulnerable in this moment its unreal but I got on, we shared words and stories together, of their different points of view. What I loved was that they agreed to disagree on certain things, there hunger for the Holy Spirit and the things of God was wow!!! I loved my whole group, each had a unique thing about them all with such hearts of love. I will remember theses faces for my life I’m sure. One elderly man in my group was such an encouragement, This man had a real deliverance and healing ministry for many years he was saying, and was very knowledgeable on the Holy Spirit. This guy was very humble as they all were but the next day was very disturbed by a dream he had, we all prayed, the Holy Spirit just popped up the word Elijah, I said Hey I think God sees you as an Elijah. What he said next bought tears to my eyes. This man lost his wife nine years ago, she always used to refer to him as Elijah. That’s the goodness of our great God, who knows each of us so intimately. I couldn’t even have made the name up if I tried, I was just having every fuse in my head blown which is cool!


Another thing about the first day, I saw this guy who was getting real excited a few rows infront, I thought wow I need to speak to this guy. We spoke for five minutes, laughing and I could see this guy Robin carried something real special. I didn’t think in that moment that He’d be coming to the UK and staying at my house just a week or so later, which was so awesome but more about that later!


So we carried on with the week, people begun to become real free, faces changed, people laughed, people who didn’t believe that laughter was right begun to laugh as they were touched by God. It was so wonderful to watch the faces change as people begun to be healed and see freedom and things in a different way, As they spent time to encounter Jesus! Day three we headed to the streets and it was cool to watch as others went and spoke to different people, some were healed I believe, but all stepped out and it was so awesome to watch.


What I loved about this time also was spending time with everyone from the school. I shared time with Danny of course as we both shared the master bedroom. It was awesome to hear his stories, to see and hear what he has learnt and is currently learning. We played bowling and seven wonders on the last evening till 3.30 in the morning. We shared much laughter and I heard the different backgrounds from the majority of the people from school as they shared their stories it was wonderful. Each person from the school carries something really special from God and all really love well. I spent much of the time in tears or in laughter or in quite reflection. I loved the well orchestrated choir of ‘Jesus love is bubbling over’ and the ‘bubbly bubbly’ song. It was a fantastic time, God touched all of us in different ways. What was also real exciting was that I had been praying about going to school, and the people of Holland there have somehow got the money together for me to be able to go to the school this coming year which is amazing! I thank God for his favor that he is showing me, not because I have done something, because I haven’t, His favor isn’t something we earn, He is God, and He is very good, He’s a good good Father, and he lavishes us with gifts from above and wants to touch all areas of our lives. I am so thankful and grateful to God for what He has done in Holland and all He is yet to do there. I am also real grateful and thankful for what He is doing in my life. For the doors he is opening!


So I get back from Holland Sunday evening and on the Monday I went to our church prayer meeting. I remember my pastors a few months back like, we need to come up with some ideas for prayer meetings, change them a bit, but that Monday evening prayer meeting was explosive, we are very privilaged to have a lady who has come all the way from South Korea as a prayer missionary to come and stay at our church for a year. We begun to prophesy and declare life over different situations, it was so awesome.


Later that week I am contacted by Robin from Holland who eventually lands up here in the UK for the school open day and staying at home here in Leigh on sea. It was so awesome to spend time with Robin, and has been a real honor to have him here, He has become a great friend over just a few days, sharing different stories with each other, sharing the laughter and much food and starbucks together! We saw God do great stuff this past weekend, ears being instantly healed, backs being healed, feet problems being healed. It is amazing what God has been doing. The Holy Spirit has just been showing up in different places and in wonderful powerful ways. I have loved our time together and I am excited for the prospects ahead for both of us at the school September time and even flat share maybe! I am glad I have found someone who appreciates the elf movie as much as me also, unfortunately we couldn’t find a revolving door without a scary lady behind a desk so if you know of one where we can run around in circles please let me know!! Hahaha 🙂


So all in all, I am so excited, I have been believing in the goodness of God through ‘life’, against opposition, and I am seeing it breaking through. I know I haven’t even scratched the surface yet! We are literally on the other line now I believe of Kingdom breakthrough, I believe we are moving into a time of Kingdom advancement and greater breakout. God will not be contained by our ways of thinking and if that means he’s got to blow our minds he will because that’s his nature. He’s full of surprises. This is my thank you to Him. He has done and is doing great things throughout the world. I am grateful for every single one of you who pray for me and support me. It means a lot and I pray God will bless each of you. I am so excited for the school and to become a lot more firmer in who I am, to stand up strong for God and to run well.


Bless you, real long post but much to talk on


Craig 🙂


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