Blog 2 From School, Father Knows us

I am often surprised by the words that Father gives me through others and the accuracy to the desires of our hearts. He knows what we pray and Hears us so it shouldn’t be a surprise when we Hear that very word echoed through prophecy but often it is for me, personally.

I’m discovering that Father is not interested in us doing ministry as He is for us to just be His Children. Just to be the son that He created me to be. Not to want to be like someone else but to just be who I am. I am quiet, I often look at others who are noisy and I’m like wow yes that’s awesome but I’ve discovered that actually me being quiet is just part of my make up and that’s pretty awesome.

I’ve also not done any activity in terms of stepping out and praying for people, that is because I just realised that as soon as I started doing it at first it was huge adventure and was fun but then it became just very dull because I begun to get who I was from what I did as opposed to what Father is saying and it just felt horrid so I stopped doing that but I’m just trying to learn or should I say relearn what I’m here for. I’m not here to just pray a prayer to be saved and wear a badge that says Christian but to actually have all of heaven, the joy, the love, the peace within me, because that is what Jesus desires for me, not so I can be busy doing lots of activity but just loving people like he originally intended for me and to just be a worshipper. And that comes from Spending time with Him and I’m learning a variety of ways to do that, singing I’m used to, I used to whisper sing but I now loud sing and prayer but I’ve begun doing a bit of flag waving and also reading the bible is something that has been helping quite a bit particularly when I’m feeling a little low I’ve noticed recently so will continue to explore also with the going to Heaven and also just pausing and listening and often just falling asleep! A literal power nap. I’ve also wrote a little song this past month, I just woke up and these lyrics just came flowing that was awesome, It was about being found in Him and that His love makes me new. It was cool and had tears as part of it.

Anyhow! What have we been seeing in the school! For me seeing Family as the core of all we do, I am amazed at the greetings I get in school. It is a place where we celebrate each other, celebrate and honour each other. People have been quick to discover love languages of each other so I am greeted with many amazing hugs in the morning which is wonderful! I’ve also loved sitting back and just hearing testimony’s from people just stepping out and just loving people well, seeing people healed, getting into local mosques, talking to people in hospitals and even seeing people saved which is awesome. It is a great thing to document testimony, it is something I am notoriously poor for but there have been many testimonies coming out from people just on the tubes, going into businesses and just demonstrating the Kingdom. I’ve also loved seeing different people going through transformation and just being touched by so much glory! Its so fun! The Ability to be vulnerable with people as well, I am often quite vulnerable in how I write but communicating that face to face with people is for me difficult, I’ve never really done it but I’ve begun to do it this year which is awesome and I really want to continue to do that because connection with others for me is real important and building friendships that last a lifetime!

I’m really blessed for you all to be in my life. You are so special to me, each of you in someway or another. I’m so grateful to the nation of Holland who have helped make it possible for me to go on this journey this year, Thank you so much.


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