Well, Hey everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog but it’s very nice to just relax also. 

I have enjoyed the Christmas period, it’s for me a lovely time of year in sorting decorations which I spend hours getting together and adds a certain warmth to the whole time of year when it’s remarkably cooler. Of course much food also and I have enjoyed cooking meals over Christmas which have come out wonderful which happens when you are taught by the best, my mum 😊

I’ve also spent time just on my own, me and my guitar, and sometimes no guitar just quiet hearing his thoughts to me. They are refreshing, and quite counter to the thoughts that sometimes float about. I am also having to counter many lies that I have believed about myself, one of the biggest being that I am somehow insignificant. I suppose the norm for many like myself is the old traditional way of thinking, speak when spoken too, don’t ask questions, don’t be nosey as that’ll get you in trouble. It is moving though from a pauper to a prince mindset. 

I am enjoying school, I’m learning a lot and dealing with things as they arise, I am learning that the kingdom is all about family which for someone who has spent most of his past as an anti social hermit is challenging and I desperately desire to change this. This month I have sozo which will be good I believe, but if anything just more Jesus and then all will be well, and that doesn’t mean doing, it to me looks like what would it look like to be constantly aware that He is here with me. 

I know when my awareness is there my face lights up, I just feel it and feel his prescence it is so awesome. It is just love and it just rushes through and around me. It’s Him and to just feel it, it’s wonderful. Thank you Jesus that in the midst of everything throughout my life, even when and where I may have wondered, I can hand on heart say I’ve still felt Him just there. Take me into that full complete awareness and even more please. Yay Jesus! 

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