Exciting times

So I’m just sitting on train tonight and really wanting to share few things I’m really excited about.

A week ago I had a sozo and one thing I’ve really struggled with as a ‘Christian’ is that there is so much information I had felt like I’d been programmed to think like and it bothered me for a long time particularly more recently as I felt like I had so many facts but no actual transformation in my life. I heard so much about the Holy Spirit, had been given so much information about, and wanted to know but wasn’t really seeing anything happen which left me frustrated and not understanding what was wrong. 

Too often in our church systems we feel we must feed people information but if people received they’re own revelation by the Holy Spirit so much would change is my own personal view. Sozo I felt really started that process. I was unsure whether I was hearing God or not before though I was growing in confidence to some degree I felt. But I went into sozo just open about it. I was surprised at the ease at the way I felt father was speaking and interacting with me as well as the Holy Spirit and Jesus too and came out feeling like I had authority not because someone had told me I had but because He personally was interacting with me. It started something of hearing Holy Spirit and showing me some things. It was awesome and was not anything I’d cooked up but was so real, and I want more of this too as confidence really flows from knowing. 

This past weekend I’ve had a few unsettled night in contrast to what I was experiencing the previous week which was strange but really excited for much more better nights now and just knowing Holy Spirit better, not for the cause of ministry or anything like that though a year ago I probably thought like that, today I don’t care for all that, I’m happy to sit and just curl up. Let’s hang out kinda thing. I’d love people just to declare that I would know much much better and many more dreams and interactions – awesome

Success is not so much of interest when you begin to interact with something or should I say someone much bigger than yourself. It’s interesting too He always knows what to say and How to say it (grab some tissues) because it’s real.

Just a small update .. .. watch this space 

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