Half term and half way through first year :O

Hello everyone 

I thought I’d write a blog post again tonight and just share few things that I’m learning, recognising and celebrating!

It’s half way through my first year at the school and I’ve felt challenged throughout but in a good way. So something that I am loving is the heavenly encounters that I feel Holy Spirit is taking me on and showing me, -and I love them as each feels so personal and I’m tuning in more to this, Holy Spirit is so funny, sometimes I see picture and it makes me laugh and He is laughing too what He is showing me because it’s unlike any of the serious stuff I’ve kinda been used to. I am loving it and I’m so grateful to Him as I get to know Him better. 

I am becoming aware of what I carry, I don’t feel I need to pray for hundreds of people every day, while that is awesome and I say hurrah to those who do this and advance the kingdom in that way I’ve learnt father just wants for me to sit with Him, on the bus, train while I’m driving just to know and recognise how close He is and recognise Him in this season of my life though I feel this is for me for life.

A week ago I got onto a bus and there was an argument going on so I was like ahh escape but I just went sat down and it was insane like it literally stopped the moment I sat down, this is because of who is with me and in me. I recognised this and was like wowed! He is so in me and He is making sure I can see that, and I so love it, because I didn’t say a word or do anything I literally got on and decided to sit downstairs rather than hide away upstairs which was what I was happy to do, besides I love sitting up the front on double decker buses. 

So I guess I say all this because we can make a difference each of us, we don’t have to be praying for people on the streets all the time which is what I thought but just knowing that He is in us and will just pop out coooeyyyy!! But also that each of us represent him differently, we aren’t all called to be assimilated to some image but rather to discover the Christ who lives inside us, dwell on that and see everything inhanced with the beauty that is Jesus shining through each of us with a unique flavour and style to each. Yay Jesus


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