I have been feeling to write a blog the past few days, I didn’t know entirely what on so instead I’ve decided to go with what I’m learning past few days and discovering.

I’ve noticed how I’ve been having these encounters and writing them down and refreshing my mind with them but still yet to see the fruits of that. You act out what you believe. 

I think one of the keys for me is patience, its something that has been coming to mind and your like ahh man I don’t like this, then you wake up and feel this urge to read James so I pick up James and there it is again let patience do its work. 

I guess in my mind I’m very apostolic, one hit bammmmm!! I don’t like seven step programs, but I am having to be patient, having to refresh my mind with truth and learn to be loved so I can love and celebrate.  

I am learning a lot about my call, where I am headed, what that looks like and the uniqueness that is me. I am discovering the gifts He has for me in exchange for the lies that have shadowed my past life. The bible says about knowing the truth. There is a higher level than seeing, it is being, it’s the transformation by Holy Spirit. I had this actually in a dream earlier this year, I saw myself seated in the throne room, I was in this full regalia with sceptres swords a crown a purple robe and it was awesome. On the train one day I was pondering this again, Holy Spirit said to me ‘this is you’ He sort of grabbed me as I stood by Him and I flew (like the scene in doctor strange for any who have seen it) and morphed into the me sat down. It was awesome and I felt the weight of the authority that He has got for me. So I’m still in like this tension phase like man I’ve seen all this and this is who I am and expectant for the fruit to play out in my life the way He says and sees me and into my belief system.

Today we had a talk on different fear doors and things, and I was like man I know some of these things still affect my thinking, so I stand up and I felt pretty convicted that the truth I already know, I’ve seen the door, Holy Spirit closed it so what am I doing standing up. It dawned on me again this thing is about changing my belief system with the new truths He has given me, which are actually already inside me and just need to work there way out. 

That’s my thoughts on train home tonight. 


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