Break free

I’m gonna start writing more, I feel I have this gift so I’m gonna use it more 😀

This past weekend I went through what I felt like was an attack of some sort, it started the weekend before actually kind of, I’d finished preaching and all afternoon and evening felt like I was having old wounds and just old stuff being thrown at me. I call it old because I know Father has been doing some healing in me to do with some of the things I was experiencing and discovering the truths instead of the lies in these situations.

Often it’s easy, and I’m really speaking to myself here, to get stuck in a hole when these thoughts come spiralling in. These thoughts are not you and they are not part of who you are so we must learn to break free, whatever that looks like for you.

For myself I recently have been feeling to speak in tongues when it starts coming. God has spoken many times to me about releasing the roar, I then came across a whole message on the subject which really spoke to me and stirred me up even more. I have too often felt like I’m just to be a quite nice person, yet inside I’m itching to shout, I’m itching to make a noise or go do something. So I’ve begun to speak in tongues more, it’s something I’ve kinda done before but not really cultivated, but Holy Spirit has really been highlighting this to me. When we don’t know what or how to pray use tongues. If your under oppression just begin to speak, ask Holy Spirit to increase your language.

This for me is a huge journey I’ve tonnes to discover but I’m excited how ‘amped’ up I get now when I speak in tongues, before it was ok but now it’s becoming an effective weapon for me which is breaking the back on things. There is real power in doing that and it’s a power you can literally feel.

Alignment is also really important in these situations, not just so you can get prayer but also you need people that will stir up what I call the ‘irritation’ (though its a good irritation) inside you, that ability to fight, that ability to roar, the people who are apostolic who will call out the roar. I am so blessed to be part of a prophetic community in school at the moment where the Gold is pointed out, and back at my church I also have a group of people who I know I can trust and we can discuss stuff together.

We need to dig for the Gold in each others life’s and even if you feel like the Gold is there in the open continue to get strengthened and encouraged.

Community is important, community is your support network, who you surround yourself with will have a huge effect on your life, surround yourself with people who call out the Gold, because each of us need encouragement, your pastor needs encouragement just as much as the cleaner does, we are all family and family works on encouragement and feedback and this I feel is very much being restored to all corners of the church more and more and is growing

Yayy 😀🚀🚀🚀🚀💥


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