Worship to bring freedom

For the past few weeks maybe months even I’ve felt I’ve had this personal word for me but I’d like to share it because in light of everything past few days I really feel it might be for the nation or maybe more people. 

One thing I’ve been learning about is the more in worship. It’s not just singing some nice lyrics on a screen but it’s an interaction and also a weapon.

Before I started school I’d never dreamed of using flags, but it became more prominent for me to do and I’m still growing in this but there is real freedom in the movement. I think there is also something really powerful about singing in tongues, I feel like something happening inside me which is hard to explain when I get into this and breaking different things and changing the atmosphere around me and getting rid of the fog of confusion. 

There is something powerful about worshipping Jesus in spirit and truth, when these two merge, word and spirit there is an explosion 💥 💥 strongholds crash down, fear is expelled from the atmosphere because of the invasion of Gods glory. We need that glory on what we do otherwise it’s just a do and who wants to have a party for the king without him there when you can have him right there walking in the room. 

So I say all this in a sort of note taking way, putting what’s going through my head onto paper to ask you, what is it that God says to you about this? Is there something maybe he’s saying for you to do in worship? 

Your worship tonight might be someone else’s breakthrough, your worship from your heart might be the very thing that will take you bamm into the very glory or whatever it is your looking for. Your worship might be the thing the releases the angelic in the room or releases healing. I’m not saying this to get people into striving but I really feel if we can crack this thing whole cities will just collapse under the weight of the glory of Jesus that is being released. 

During the Welsh revival whole towns would take to the streets and sing and worship Jesus through till early in the morning. The whole culture changed, everything that was so normal suddenly changed because some people with the power of Holy Spirit running through them went out and just begun to sing and worship. It’s more than possible! Yayyy 

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