The Big Question

I think for most of us, we want answers to what lies ahead. What is gonna happen in my life. With this in mind many people, myself included can end up in discouragement land because we often don’t have the answer because we don’t ask Father the questions, when we do though He answers – always!

I am learning that I have to take each day at a time, while living aware of where I want to go, though this is a process that is very real. I’ve had words that do resonate with the call on my life and sometimes have truly blown me away, like I was not expecting that! But learning to live with today in mind is something that too has to be addressed. What is the purpose of my day? For me I’ve learned today actually what my gift is to others after asking. What I can offer in terms of today, and that quiet simply is encouragement. Its funny too its not what I do either, but more about who I am.

Yesterday (sunday) I was in church in the morning, I was waving my banners and feeling this just weight of restriction, It may be partly because I have moved from waving flags up the back to waving them up the front, breaking the back on my fear of what is the person around me going to think! I love the flags though, I’m gonna keep at it because I know it is breaking stuff both in my life and in other peoples life’s also, plus it releases stuff, and is actually a real encouragement thing for others also to step into that. I talked to Josh my friend who had just done a great talk on being child like I asked if He’d pray and it was really cool what He said while praying it was just God reminding me that actually its about who I am. I left greatly encouraged by this which is cool.

I think theres even more simplicity that is yet to walked out and its in the simple things that often things will happen and God will speak. Whether its just a simple prayer with a friend, or just a random conversation that gets you thinking, or just doing your way of worship, or the rays of sunshine just portraying the warm embrace of the Fathers love. He is always speaking.

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