Just Jesus

I have this severe tendency to over think and it gets all weird when I do that and I find when I just get back to that simple reality of Jesus I feel so light and wonderful! And God has been doing that past few weeks I’ve really felt and I like it. The bible says know the truth and the truth makes you free. The answer is Jesus to everything, He will literally fix whatever it is thats troubling you and i’ve been really experiencing this and seeing breakthrough in different things.

I came across this song called Simple Persuit, the lyrics are wonderful ‘Nothing and no one comes close to you, nothing could ever come close, nothing and no one, it you and you only, nothing could ever come close’. This song has been stirring something deep in me as these lyrics swim round my mind.

A couple of weekends back I was just working away on a Friday morning, and I was running late and I was just talking to Jesus and was like ahh I’m so stressed right now or words to that effect and I was overwhelmed with just peace which was just great because my first customer that day wanted to talk, so I stood and listened and I was just feeling love for this guy and His situation and How he’d taken the role of being a carer for His parents it was really special and we got on the subject of being a christian, He bought it up and we discussed for a little while about Religion and the crusades and the wars its caused (which is really sad) and I just said man its just about His love it was never meant to be any of that, and I don’t know what happened but this guy he had tears in his eyes, I had tears in mine and I could just feel Jesus it was wonderful, He kinda closed the door as we ended the conversation there with this broken see you again voice like we are both about to really cry. I got in the van and drove away crying and laughing at the same time but it was wonderful.

I say this because it is just Jesus and His love that really matter. Like we can have great ideas, great churches and great debates and stuff and I’m all for having free thinking and talking but its just Jesus really who we need, I think the rest like comes out of that. I don’t need Jesus because I’ve got to go do something because He isn’t looking for me to go and do, but I need Him to live, to be. I’m so grateful for the encounters I have had, for the times even these past few days where I’m amazed – what I’m learning is once you’ve tasted and seen, hunger becomes a huge part of you, you just want more because there is always so so much more. And What is really exciting is that He’s actually really good and wants to give us more so we can be Joyful with anticipation!

I watched a new film called the young messiah this morning and it just spoke to me, I could just sense Jesus literally in the room standing kinda in front of me slightly to my left as if He was watching with me, I just started to melt. I just love Him so much, He is just so awesome! There’s nothing like just sitting with Him and letting Him do the talking or just laughing with Him, letting Him love me, He’s so wonderful. Sometimes I do come with my confusion or my mess or whatever but He always comes through, He always reaches out and loves me where I am at. Just the mention of His name and He’s there. More Jesus. That’s all I have to say. I do love Him so.

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