Nearly end of School Year 1!

My first blog for a few months!

So its my final week of school at LSSM (sad face). I say school; its more like a little family than a school though we do some work, watch DVD teaching from bethel and then discuss in small group and see that impact in our lives. I’ve loved being round these people, I wouldn’t say I have spoken a huge amount in school to everyone but I’ve really loved the company, its good to be round such crazy wild people, each person unique, I’m really excited for all of  us where we are heading and staying connected long term too. Connection is the most important part for me going forward into whatever.

I have been very privileged this year to have been sponsored by a church organisation in Holland and am very grateful for having had this opportunity and would like to personally thank Hans Maat and Jonathan Zondag who were instrumental in me being able to do this year in the school. I am very excited for Holland hearing the reports of all that is going on there and the yet to come also, there is a real shift taking place in Holland as there is around the world.

It would be hard to say in one blog what I have learnt this year. For me its been very transitional, I feel a whole lot better than I did the first few months in school, I honestly felt like I was dying the first few months as I battled ridiculous lies that I’d been believing, it was honestly tuff but I’m still standing so that’s great. What was really highlighted to me was the need to bring closure to different events in my life that I’d found difficult to deal with, particularly in the area of church and family. This area of church was I believe one of the main reasons why I blew up about five years ago and wanted nothing to do with God and especially church because I hadn’t dealt with all that build up.

I’d say i’m still working on a lot of stuff, like, can it be done yet. But no, I need to be kind to myself, stop being introspective and start realising that Hey its all by grace. I remember funnily enough a man gave me this prophesy a few years ago, and He said some real promises that are like straight from the heart of God for me, one of the things He said is that its not your ability, its his ability and you’ll be amazed! I transcribed this prophecy but its all stored away and often comes to mind, which is, in itself, grace. Yayyyy!

I am now entering a period of transition I think. So I have this week and then school retreat. Honestly I don’t know what lies instore next. I’ve made some plans as to where to go next but can’t honestly say like I have a yes or no on any of it yet. I also face the prospect of having to relocate and find a new place to live – maybe or maybe not. Its funny I hate uncertainty and not having clear vision yet this is where I currently am. But its gonna be exciting, this I am certain of.

An appropriate ending – mmmmmm – biscuits.


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