Year One – Final Blog Post

What an amazing year it has been! I have so loved being part of the School for this first year and I am excited for the next year also. It has now been a few days since graduating and I am so missing everybody already. There is something special about family, a family that is there for you in all your moments and that is awesome! I so much love being part of the community. The culture in the School is unlike anything I’ve seen demonstrated anywhere else, but it is the Kingdom way and I believe it’s the way Jesus would have modeled with His disciples in the early days of the church. Did the disciples and Jesus manage to get through so many packs of biscuits though in nine months – one day we will find out!

For Me I feel I have grown more in confidence this year, I have learned and am learning that God is really good and that it’s okay to come to Him with everything. This means that when something isn’t sitting right in me I can take it to Him and wait and listen to what He has to say about it. I still have insecurities I feel I need to deal with but I’m learning not to dwell on my shortcomings but instead to fix my eyes on Him, to what He has done and to what He is doing. I find it helpful to journal what He’s doing or what He’s currently saying, to write down all that is going on inside me, my concerns or on the other hand something I’m overjoyed about. I love looking back and seeing the promises, the testimonies of things that have happened as it builds faith in me to see the same thing again and fills me with courage. I am becoming more courageous in the prophetic and I believe that yes I do hear His voice. I know His voice and He wants me to be fully confident of that, not in a controlling way but always pointing me in love to the right way. I am amazed already at the different prophecies that are coming to pass. Some of these have been incredible and have happened within a few hours! He is so good!

I am so going to miss those who are leaving us. I am so grateful for the friendship and inspiration that each person in School has bought to me. The thing with being inspirational is that most people don’t even realize the impact they have on you and that they will leave a giant footprint in my life. I will miss different friends who are going off to far lands to bring about Father’s Kingdom. Equally I will miss those who are venturing into the church and land closer to home to bring about the Kingdom there and everywhere they go. Though I will miss these people and though I don’t want them to go, I am excited for what Father has in store for each of us. I am fully expectant. I am excited to remain in contact with these people that are family and meet up years down the line and share what Father has been doing in our lives and in the lives of others.

I’d also like to add on here, as it is my last blog for the year on the School website, my thanks to Lauren who has been very helpful in making sure my grammar is good. Lauren has been my Head of Year and anyone coming next year is in for a treat. Lauren has the most amazing ability to believe in people more than they believe in themselves. She is remarkable. I am so excited to be coming back for Year Two. I feel like good foundations have been built. Let’s build the house!

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