August Update

I have been astounded already at the different people that have come into my life, two years ago I had just come back from a hiatus from church life. I went away from church because I was mad with people, I had a voice and didn’t feel I had any room and didn’t know how to act or deal with any of this so I left, people gave me words of instruction which I just didn’t receive too well, I felt rejected and confused and since coming back God has been dealing with these things and telling me I do have a voice and the voice is there. You know something in me tonight is that I hate when we get stuck in a place, I get in a room and I feel stuck, is it my own insecurity, sometimes maybe yes but I’ve noticed more often now the room itself the atmosphere needs something I have, its a shout, its an irritation that is on the inside of me that says there is more, that says come on lets breakout this thing, too often we’re just sitting back comfortable along for the ride waiting for the next move of God, yes there is a timing, but is God not with us always. Or was what Jesus said when He spoke the words I am with you always rhetorical or something. He said I am not only with you but in you. And religion wants to keep people shut up and shut down but no sir! We are not gonna sit any longer! This is my generation we are gonna see the move! We will see the harvest come in! It won’t be the titled man or woman of God it’ll be the people of God all functioning out of there relationship with Father because that is where the anointing is at.

I have always been taught to be polite and courteous but what is inside me can not operate in these parameters of whatever and it is gonna keep building and is gonna explode, I feel it! We need explosive people for an explosive move of God and the explosion is inside of each of us, Its the King Himself, I pray even as I write and you the reader read the lies influencing your life will come off your life, the fire of God will burn stronger in us, that the irritation and roar will grow till we are so done being nice people that we will shout and roar because we know our God is for us and we know the breakthrough and His glory is increasing upon us and we can speak a thing and see it come to pass not because we have a title, not because we are entitled, but because we are His and He is our Father.

I’ve joined a community of people this past year and I’m so grateful to have been in there company, I’ve dealt with a lot, in November I had an old adversary a suicidal hopeless spirit come knocking in on my life, I was like what is this! I’m in a school of supernatural ministry and this has come up from my past, why is this? I noticed that lies were erupting everywhere, situations were blowing up, stupid lies, lies like God is not with you, I mean I’m at a school and I’ve been funded by the EW network in Holland I mean how stupid right? But I mulled in this, it was confusion, the enemy wants us confused. I don’t like discussing the enemy but we need to know what His tricks are, but I look back at this, what a charade. I mean God is pretty well on my case the evidence would state quite obviously. Satan wants us to give up on our destiny, give up on our call, but we will not give up because we hear the voice of our Father calling us into our destiny.

I have five days to find my fees for School next year, whatever I do next year I want to go further on with Him, He has got a great destiny and purpose for me, He has called me for extraordinary things just as He has called each of us to do and be.

One thing that hugely bugs me is when we use the terms ordinary, I hate ordinary or rather peoples version of ordinary. God has not called us to hide away and hope all will work out ok yet I have seen this lie influence so many places in church life, ‘be ordinary people’. God does not think we are ordinary, He thinks we are extraordinary, He thought we were so extra that He planned before He even planned you and me to rescue us and to come in the Flesh and to die your ordinary so His extra could crash into your ordinary. Come on! I’m preaching by blogging tonight. Someone help me here!

I will write again soon. Please pray for me, specifically more fire, more irritation because what is inside needs to come out, I pray this has blessed you and encouraged you, lets walk together into the glory with greater confidence and clarity. Till next time.


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