A few weeks ago I was in prayer about my mind, my head had been in a swirl, I had a headache, toothache, jaw ache my whole head felt like it was under attack, I was like what is this? For a while now I’ve known I need to think much more different than where I currently am, I’d been praying like this for a while but God spoke to me and said you need to Bless your mind and speak to it. So I wrote this decleration which you can speak also if you wish:

I speak write now to my mind. I say mind you are blessed. You are the Mind of Christ, I have a mind that is just like Jesus. I think the right things and the right way. Hope is stamped all over the way I think. I say mind your are blessed to think like Christ, I release my mind from any word curses that I have spoken against it, I say mind you will prosper, your are led by the spirit of God and are blessed and created by God. I speak blessing and healing over my mind in Jesus name and anything that has held my mind captive I loose right now, I reclaim my mind as the mind of Christ, in Jesus name

I wrote this in the spur of the moment and scripture reference for this is 1 Corinthians 2.16

Who has known the mind of the lord as to intrust him? But we have the mind of Christ.

When we think like Christ, we’ll get Christ’s results, when we think like Him we will see the solution in every situation, we will speak clearly and precisely into a thing. Our prayers are powerful and effective, and because we have been given a new mind, we can think creatively and powerfully, and see his solution in every situation, so we can go ahead and speak it. It bothers me when we pray willy neely prayers; ‘oh God if it is your will?’ what is that? We have been given the ability to know what He is saying and speak it. I’m preaching to me here too. The other week we were praying as part of our bible study and I was so uncertain that evening the topic we had which was my turn to run really was like a selah word, and as we were praying God showed me what was like dream stealing demons coming after the plans and purposes of God in peoples lives, and just spoke against that and said we will fulfill everything God has called us to. God alerts us to these things not to alarm us, or so we are scared but because He has given us power in our tongue, He has authority over these powers, but His authority has sometimes got to spoken.

Sickness is also something I go after strongly, it is an area for which i’ve received the most feedback but I know God wants us well. I have just been quoting scripture over my eyes the past few days in Matthew 13.16 it says

Blessed are your eyes for they see and your ears because they hear

I was born with a problem with one of my eyes, it stopped me from joining the air force and I’ve just begun to speak blessing over my eyes too and as I was driving yesterday I noticed part of my eye has begun to focus – I was like wow!! I can’t use the whole eye yet on its own but part of the vision has corrected, I am going for the full healing, why because Jesus is a healer, He wants us well, each of us without exception. Keep speaking!!! Don’t give up!!! God dosen’t want you to give up! Don’t give up to naysayers, those who want to tell you its not gonna happen for you, your not gonna get it, you’ll never do this, never do that!!! LIES!! You will walk in your dreams! I will walk in my dreams!! God has put those dreams in there you keep going, you keep believing. His plan is bigger, much bigger than we think and it will happen in Jesus name!! And I declare and I decree over every person reading this blog that you will walk in the dreams God has put in your heart, and I break the lies that say you’re too old, you’re not gonna make it, they are all lies, your gonna make it, your never too old, for the old will see visions and the young will dream dreams. And also for someone specifically that will read this you are in a season of expansion, you didn’t know it but your about to see a major expansion in your life, its like God is giving you this mantle of expansion and its about to hit a new level and explode. I bless whoever that is in Jesus name.

Thank you for reading again, if you want to support me please do you can find out more on the link supporting me. Keep speaking it works!


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