Let the Dreamers Arise!

Yes, Its a word many have said and heard before. But tonight God impressed upon my heart to encourage the dreamers to arise of which I am one. He has me in this season at the moment of dreams and dealing with things in my sleep, I woke up two nights ago and was really impressed upon that this is what God is doing in my life but also that this is a season in which healing is being released in dreams of the night.

We spend a good few hours asleep in an evening and God was highlighting this is a great time for Him to go real deep in our life’s, literally that evening I hear the same words again but through Prophetess Jennifer LeClaire, she went on to talk in detail about the dream realm, it was a night of revelation and was like prophesy was just being released through the revelations about dreams it was amazing!!! I am very grateful for prophets like Jennifer LeClaire who stand and blast through all the opposition and speak and keep on speaking. I’ve heard the prophetic in this nation of the UK has so often been cut down because the prophets haven’t felt like they can speak or have bumped into Jezebels camp that wants to shut everyone and anything that moves down but we agree as the body of Christ and say no more in Jesus name and welcome the company of prophets to speak freely and keep on blasting, even when it hurts too!!

Got a little side tracked there but want to keep that in! Dreams have for too long been seen as a thing that is not significant and sketchy by the religious camp and that it is all new age, and there is so much new age stuff about dreams its hard to type something in google and not get some weird thing up on your page but God spoke clearly to me and said ‘that what has been deemed a weapon of darkness by the religious is my idea for releasing strategy, healing and direction to my people’ and I keep getting the words ‘dream wild!’ I know this word dream wild is something I’ve heard repeated over and over for me personally but I know its also for you out there also, we are part of the same body and He wants us to dream real big. I hope this really blesses you tonight and resonates with someone out there who may need to have heard this tonight also as well as me. Bless you.

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