Hi everyone, it’s been an exciting week as once again on Tuesday morning I walked to chalkwell station boarded the train to do my second year at the London School of supernatural ministry. I have so missed being in this company of people over summer, there is something special about being in a prophetic community. 

I was walking along through the park on Tuesday and asked the lord what is the word for this next year for me. The year has just shifted over and He said one word the word accelerate. This week I’ve heard two other people sharing words with the word accelerate in. I believe this isn’t just a now word but is a continual word for what God is doing in this season not just for me but the whole body of Christ. People are being accelerated in destiny, accelerated in intimacy, accelerated in the callings and giftings, accelerated by the Holy Spirit who I saw as a whirlwind with touches of blue in, the blue representing revelation, true revelation by Holy Spirit which leads to transformation. So I release this word on the airwaves, and to you the reader God is accelerating all of us, what seemed difficult before will become easy, what felt slow before is going to speed up, there will be new dimensions of the prophetic beginning to emerge in our lives. So I speak blessing over you today in Jesus name.

I should add on outreach Tuesday we got free Ice cream 🍦 😁 God is really good!!! 

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