Revival culture – Does gender matter?

Sounds an odd title right! No need to be alarmed though I assure you though I may alarm some from the religious circles haha. I was going to do this via video but my gift is to write but I believe I will begin to move into video more so maybe I will do and post below this. I am not sure what bought this up today but it started as a thought process this morning so I begun to write.

I fully believe that revival culture embraces many streams, this is that everyone has something to offer.

When I was younger though, what I saw was totally different. I was bought up in a church under the teachings of William Branham. William Branham was a Healing evangelist, he was given the gift of healing and a sign to accompany that, he was also gifted with words of knowledge. He received this through an angelic encounter and you can research into this of course if you wish. However eventually He became surrounded by a lot of yes men who I believe ended up diverting him from his primary call and role in life. He begun to teach but didn’t have the grace to be able to do that. He ended up having a tragic accident, his wife lay dead beside him and in that moment it was as if God bought to remembrance his primary call and told his son place my hand on your mother, immediately she came back to life. When He flowed in the gifts and calling that He was given many people were healed, you can find youtube videos of different times that these gifts manifested.

The teaching however bought confusion, it was often against Women preaching and teaching in church. Understanding scripture is very important, many take 1 Timothy 2.11-12 and use it as a sweeping generalised statement to say Women can not teach, however Paul here was talking to the church in Corinth. A church in a place where women were idolised and worshipped. This has often been taken out of context and used as a generalised statement as I said by religious people to silence emerging voices HaHA to that!

My Observations of this firstly showed me that the spirit of religion loves quiet. I’m not saying there isn’t times when there is quiet but religion wants to just keep people tame and quiet, it does not make room for tenacity. Secondly the Spirit of religion is a disempowering spirit. Women were made to feel totally powerless in this teaching. Thirdly this powerlessness was across the board, people were powerless to change which to me smells a whole lot like religion. Often in circumstances such as these accusation and condemnation are rife and I saw this happen often.

I then moved after 13 years of being in the same place to a new, for me, pentecostal church, this church had two pastors, these are both my current pastors Derrick and Ann Wilks. I found it very difficult at first through what was my own blindness to see the gift upon my pastor, but as time went on I begun to see a great teaching gift at work and now often when Pastor Ann preaches I’ll have my phone notes with something on by the end because there is a realm of revelation that is at work when she teaches and its pretty awesome!

More recently and whilst at school I have seen so many women both young and old who can teach, preach, prophesy, build, create and encourage. I was amazed at different times and my heart is filled with joy when I see such, one time was when I was in the Netherlands and there was such power and authority when this person spoke and I think I kept chuckling through most of it because the lie I had believed for a long time was being blown to even more pieces even before my eyes. This has been a great and fun journey for me, to see this lie dissolved in my life. I wouldn’t say it was a huge issue for me to change my thinking in this area as we moved and quite quickly I begun to see things differently but I am still in awe at different times.

Being part of a revival culture sees both genders empowered and graced to believe in the Christ on the inside of them the person of Holy Spirit, giving grace and great authority and power and love to speak, to teach, to prophesy and to build the things God has put in there hearts.

It has been a huge lesson for me, but I am grateful to have been able to have insight in this that I would not otherwise have had.

I declare whoever you are, regardless of gender or age you are more than able to accomplish everything God has put in you to do and the things you are yet to discover to do. You are qualified by Christ Himself, He has qualified you, if anyone wants to ask you who qualifies you, you can just say Jesus He is the one, you are blood bought! And as a man I bless women today who labour and do great kingdom exploits in the different spheres God has got you in, I speak and say you are free to do all God has put in your heart, you are free to preach, you are free to prophesy, you are free to teach, you are free to build, you are free to create, you are free to be different, you are free to be who you were created to be. And I speak the same over us as men too, in fact I say that as men we are enough, we are focused and that all of us together in these waves of revival breaking forth are more than able to accomplish all He has put inside us to do. And also if you are reading this today and God has told you to go ahead and to do a project of some sort and you are thinking heck its too expensive or your in a place where its causing you to  question I want to encourage you today that what God has spoken to you in secret to do will come to fruition and full term regardless of what your circumstance may look like in Jesus name!

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