Prophetic Dream – Its ok to move

So I wanted to share this little dream I had about a week ago, I had about three dreams in succession on Wednesday night last week. They felt very prophetic, I’ve noticed that God speaks to me a lot through dreams which is really exciting to me.

As you all know I attend the London School of Supernatural Ministry in Aldgate, London. So my dream started here, I was looking down Whitechapel High Street from school. I was observing cars travelling down the road, as they were going its like sparks were flying off the wheels as they drove along. A bit like the white flashes from the tube trains when they hit the metal. It was very strange, the surface was absolutely soaking wet. I was looking like heck people are gonna die and electrocuted if they don’t have the right shoes on. So I’m in this dream like okay call the electric board, I didn’t call them instead I rung up 999 as it was pretty urgent. I was talking to the lady operator, she was like oh the system is still downloading sorry about the delay, so I’m stuck on hold trying to get help but help is not coming as they system isn’t downloading. Suddenly I’m looking below and a man falls into like a manhole and He was sinking, I dashed down with a few people and looked and there were others running from different directions, I was still on hold with the phone by my ear, I observed this man in the manhole, somehow the electricity didn’t affect him and we pulled him out but what was very surreal other people were on the street stuck and going no where because of the force of this electric power and they obviously didn’t have the right shoes on.

What I felt God say to me was its okay to be in process, to be developing and still go out as there is a world that needs what we have. Religion so wants people to just remain stuck and do nothing, but I love the fact I still had the phone by my ear like I was listening for instructions but we still went regardless of the fact that the system hadn’t fully downloaded, we were safe and able to help and rescue this man drowning. I hope this encourages you today to not be afraid to take a step out, I speak to myself as much as anyone haha that its okay to go as He has our back, He is our safety and yes things are still downloading and installing but its okay.

I am grateful to God for the explosion of Dreams in my life, my night hours are being restored for Him to get me to dream real big. Someone prophesied over me about a year ago, your gonna have dreams that are gonna bring you to tears, its happening, dreams about future family which is something really close to my heart, my call to nations and other things that are just mind blowing.

Thank you Jesus!


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