Dreaming with God – Restoration

Many who know my own story and journey of faith will know that for a time pornography was a major issue in my life. I have been free from that now for three years but relearning and rethinking has been a much longer process I feel. Pornography does one of two things to men I believe it either drives men into sleeping around or it drives them into a hole of shame. For me and because of my make up I went into shame which is common for a lot of people who have had religion about them in the past. What has been awesome is that more and more freedom is coming into my life as I’ve been freed from it I can share my story and am beginning to learn to connect with others and actually be able to talk to people. I think the internet also has a lot to do with this but pornography alters our ability to connect with others. Pornography is evil because it exploits those who don’t yet have a clear view of the Father. When we don’t know our Daddys intentions towards us, when we don’t know his heart pornography will drive people into prisons of shame because its just not talked about between us and God, yet alone in church circles. Its an issue that must be dealt with and I believe God is raising up people by who will walk in great realms of authority and deliverance in this area. Who will by creative expression in the spirit will see chains broken, ways of thinking rethought and realigned and it happens in that realm of glory, when the glory of God literally comes in a room the whole atmosphere shifts, words that were familiar to people are obliterated. The Glory which is Jesus himself, the fullness of Jesus who lives inside us by the way which is even more exciting.

Our God is a good good father. Its not just a good song but is a truth which we can experience. One of the things that I shared a few months ago was that God is restoring my ability to dream. I have dreamed dreams that have made me weep over the past three years. I have woken in floods of tears because of what I was seeing. One of the promises He gave me not long after the pornography being prayed and cast out of my life, was that I was going to be married and have two children, He has spoken about both of the children which is really exciting to me and seeing the destiny and purpose that lies ahead for them. Its ignited purpose, vision and passion in my life, and has literally been rocket fuel to go through the process of relearning, rethinking because it is a deep desire that is there, yet learning to connect with people has still been a struggle at times, its been facing fears and lies and stuff. But its happening, its working, things are shifting and moving and thats exciting to me.

I just want to encourage you today, if you are struggling in this area of your life, you can totally run to him with your issues, he is totally safe and will reveal to you that he is safe. Let him give you a better plan for your life. Let him address the desires of your heart and ask him if your not feeling much hope for your future to show you a piece of the puzzle. I can stand and say I’ve asked and He’s shown, I’m yet to see the fulfilment of that but working through the process and journey to promise is exciting to me, He is faithful. He will provide, your not insignificant, you are enough. Let him speak a better word over you today and dream with him into the future.

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