A word of Encouragement

I felt like writing tonight so I’m gonna write and see what happens. How wonderful Jesus is. You know He is the great restorer of time. He will take whatever you have left and will use it. Give what you have. Friend it is never too late. The bible says that we all like sheep are lead astray, lead astray by desires contrary to His will, lead astray by our own ideas and ideals. But I want to encourage you we have a mighty shepherd who is more than able to turn ash into a raging inferno, to turn moments of sorrow to joy. All it takes is one touch. One touch from Him. It is something you don’t have to earn or work at. It is simply remaining passive before Him. How easy it is to try and do in and by your own accord, all effort causes one to be warn out but there is a greater alternative, the spirit of Glory, the very personhood of Christ Jesus, all He says is the words ‘come to me.’ The words echo throughout eternity, the invitation of Christ to mankind, come to me, I will give you rest. I’ll take your load. I’ll take your worries. The things that way you down. Your heartache. Your stresses. All you have to do is come. Come just as you are. Just as I am. He wants us just as we are. Hallelujah. What a revelation that is! Hallelujah. Oh he doesn’t say wait a second, like some religious club and say adhere to my conditions, He has one condition, one desire, one request friend and that is ‘come to me’.

I promise you, He will come, His very glory will come and touch you, transform you. Hallelujah. Its why He says I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. haha. That kinda verse will upset the flesh police. Oh yes! We need Him to come and touch us, to take us from glory to glory. To take us from the flesh into the spirit. And only He can do it. Only He by His power can do it. Haha. Oh its not a big thing, or a problem to Him. He can deal with everything. He created this whole thing, He speaks present, past and future tense and holds all things together by the words that proceed from His mouth. He holds all things together. Let Him sing His song over you, it’ll all come together like a great big masterpiece. He is too glorious to describe. He truly is too wonderful for comprehension too marvellous for words like nothing we have ever seen, heard or known. He is like a cascading waterfall, it is endless, waves of vibrant colours in Him, doing deeper, further into His very self. Away from all that distracts and subtracts from who He is and what He has for us. HE is wonderful friends. I tell you, He is bigger than a book. Bigger than a church. Bigger than anything and is too be experienced. I invite you whoever you are today, drink from Him. He says come to me and I will give you rivers of living water. My God! I pray whoever you are reading this today, that God will cause such hunger to rise, hunger unlike you’ve ever known just as I pray for myself also. For He promises to Feed the hungry. The Living bread. The Christ man. Who loves me just as I am. Haha. My craziness. He loves you as you are. woooo!!!

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