A dream I had last night

This is not gonna be a popular post but I’m gonna post anyhow. I felt to post via my blog because that’s what I felt to do.

This morning during the early hours I had a dream, and in this dream and the hour afterwards God spoke to me before knocking me straight back out for another two and a half hours. I love it when I have dreams like this but this dream came with a burning conviction. The message that God is good is 100% true! The gospel is the almost too good to be true news. But we’ve watered down the message and twisted it in order to appease the masses and in the name of being pastoral and then wondered why the same power is not manifesting. How many know that what you believe is important.

He wants you well!

He wants you to not be in lack so that you can go to the nations and go and have so much to give, that you’ll be a blessing to others.

He gives so that we can give.

(I would add as a side note here. It is important to recognise He gives freely and by grace. This not of ourselves, otherwise it’d be me and my but it is His gift unto all, therefore it is from Him and unto Him because He alone is worthy of all the glory, honour and praise.)

In my dream God showed me I was walking around with this white fence, it was white because people get mad when you talk about God prospering people, when you talk about his extravagant goodness and in there actions and reaction say it is a lie.

I was frustrated because I was supposed to go and deliver this white fence to a certain house but I could not find it. Its like I tried, and I tried hard but they would not be open to receive, no one came out the house to receive it.

However someone else did, this person represented people I did not think would hear, yet this person was desperate to take this truth! To the point of literally grabbing hold of me and the fence and saying please we have room for this please come. The dream ended.

I post this afternoon because this may be you.

I post this afternoon in repentance because I will not be silent in fear of what others around me think about this glorious message, the message that He really is extravagantly good.

I believe there are a people that God is forming behind closed doors who God is literally going to take and make them into a wonder. It will bring about repentance because people will look and see and say truly He is good!

Read Isaiah 60, 61 and 62 its all in there. A glorious inheritance. The glory will be visible for all nations to see. Kings will come with treasures from afar. The wealth of nations. Treasures from darkness. Why? Because of Christ in you the hope of glory!!! Woooo. Hallelujah! I’m doing my excited writing style right now!!!

Now you might read this and disagree, this might even make you mad, but I have made up my mind. My face is like flint. I will no longer be frustrated, I will no longer hide but I will speak it. God is good! He wants to prosper you so you can go and be a blessing to others. He wants to heal you. Its His will and His desire. Why? Because He is good. The  qualifier doesn’t depend on you see ha ha ha it is entirely upon who He is.

If you disagree, I want to invite you to take your disagreement directly to Him.

He will show you the truth for He is the truth and the life.

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