Increasing Glory and New experiences

I wanted to post this afternoon but wasn’t exactly sure what to post on. I had an amazing morning starting at just after 1am, I admit at now 4pm my body feels a little tired but I feel great at the same time. I woke up following a strange dream and I felt that it was interference of some sort, I looked and I begun to laugh and take the Oh its you approach, I then begun to praise the Lord. I begun to thank Him, I was erupting with praise, I can’t remember what I was praising exactly about but I was on a total new field and I begun to speak about the blood.

Now you must understand I was in praise, I had no thought in my mind about it being Good Friday. So I was just praising about the power of His blood without any thought, it was as if I was in a realm of the glory and a whole revelation that was inside me which I’d not thought about began to manifest it was a revelation of the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. For His blood is redeeming. His blood is protection. I tried a few times to get back to sleep but I just couldn’t stop, my stomach felt like a washing machine things were spinning, and I begun to prophesy of new glory signs and wonders coming forth. I never tire of the signs, the bible says that signs would follow those who believe, and I believe it is the whole body of Christ to become a wonder and a sign that will point all humankind to Jesus Christ.

I believe there are new signs that God is going to begin to release and we will begin to see new signs, some will be unusual as they always are but be open because there is new revelation coming, the bible says we are going from glory to glory. New realms of glory. The experience of heaven. I’ve spoken about Heaven before and people look at me kinda weird like well that’s a place you go when you die but I tell you that we are seated in heavenly realms it says so clearly in the bible, and people get all spooked out and don’t want it. There is nothing more exciting to me! That God would not only prepare a place for me but that I can enjoy it in the here and now and get strategy and plans for what God is releasing, the new ideas, the new creativity, new sounds. And its all His Grace. I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface, there is so much more and I am excited for more. Hungry for much much more! I want to be a fool for Him. I don’t mind being the fool for Him!

We read in Exodus the signs that God performed in Egypt, the 12 signs that came and I know there is so much, so many signs that God wants to perform. I don’t say it because well I’ve heard others say it, I say its because I know it, I believe it and I am so excited for what we are walking into this season. The translation experience that Philip had, the time Ezekial was taken up in the Spirit and shown the very realm of glory, the Israelites standing before the tabernacle as the glory cloud lifted becoming there direction as to whether they should stay or go. A cloud by day and Fire of protection by night. The time when they stood before the mountain and the thunders and the lightnings and the loud trumpet blasts, the time Elijah had his encounter, with the earthquakes, the wind, the fire. These Old Testament experiences are there for us to read and the bible says the glory of the latter house will be greater than the former. I listened to Ruth Heflin, a replay just yesterday and she said I believe there will come a time when people will have to walk around with veils like Moses because the glory will be radiating from them, shining brightly. Its that transfiguration experience that Peter, James and John witnessed on the mountain top with Jesus that our faces our bodies would radiate the very glory of God. Its the word of God being made flesh and coming alive within us. Its accessible and I’m still building on this as God is showing me more and more of what is available but I am excited and expectant for whatever He wants to do. Wooooo!!!


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