Prophetic Word concerning the rise in London murders

For the past few weeks our headlines here in the UK have been gripped by the high amount of murders happening in our capital city. London is in the middle of gang wars yet our media is not reporting the seriousness of this. It has and is having wider implications, here in my hometown area we’ve had numerous stabbings over the past few weeks, we had a whole bunch of them get of at Southend Central station last week and had the police put a dispersal order in place to try and combat the issue which is really an overspill of what is happening in London. It paints a bleak picture. But there is exciting news. God has an answer.

I woke up this morning and I heard David Wilkerson, David Wilkerson, now I know the story of the cross and switchblade. I watched the film once and we remember the story of Nicky Cruz who was converted and became a great evangelist. The youth are disoriented  because they want to feel part of something so we have the gangs giving them something to do. But here is exactly what I begun to write as I knew I had to write and as I did more flowed:

“A new movement of David Wilkersons, Gods answer to gang wars has always been the gospel message and there is a specific anointing to go and preach the gospel right now to gangs here in the UK. It will be like the great turning of testimonies past, for Gods intention is for His government of peace to reign. Who will go for me asks the Lord? Who will go? Who will go and share to those who are choosing fear. Who will go to those who are obstinate. I will bring them to myself declares the Lord and I will do it by my spirit operating through you.”

I pray that God will raise up people like David Wilkerson right now, men and women that will go where angels fear to tread, into the dark places and to the gang lands and members. That they will find that sense of belonging that comes in and through Jesus Christ.

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