Year Two Second Term

Copied across from the LSSM Website, my second term blog.

Wow this year is going really fast! It’s like a blur it’s going so fast. I can’t believe as I write this I am about to enter my final term at School – for year two at least! Term two has definitely been interesting – we’ve had all the snowy weather which shut down the School and froze the pipes. I don’t think I’ve known it to be so cold and also fun at the same time! This term has just been an increase. I couldn’t really put my finger on something specific but I know it has just been an increase. His design for us is to go from ‘Glory to Glory’ and just seeing His hand in different things this past term has been wonderful. I’ve started getting plans together for the direction I think He wants to take me in which is not what I expected but is fitting perfectly into the puzzle and along the things I’m interested in and passionate about. I’m also seeing His hand of favour in different things: in my workplace, in the area of planning, for the direction I’m going in and He is also building expectation in me that His glory is going to manifest. I want to be open to however He wants to do things. His will is always to provide and I’ve always believed that in spite of what numbers are in front of me, the size of our need does not limit His ability to provide.

This coming month us Second Years have are required to do a preach in front of the School. We have an exercise where we have to do a 12-minute sermon breaking down scripture and things. I’ve found that knowing more about how to study has really helped me in my love for the word. I love the word – It’s His word and He goes about to perform it, far above what we could ever imagine. So I’m going to speak on the Glory realm and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to fit that into 12 minutes as you could easily go on for hours looking at the Glory. Of course the Glory is Jesus Christ Himself, He is the Glory! The Glory reveals who He is, it reveals His character and His nature to us. When we think of signs and wonders, they illustrate such a playfulness – the fragrances, the oil, the gold dust, the gems, the feathers, seeing the cloud and the many new signs I think we are about to walk into. I believe that God wants us to be a people who are a sign to our generation and I believe that there are new wonders and signs coming forth to confirm who He is in the marketplace and everyday life and also to us! I think that ‘evangelism’ is going to change as I believe wonders are going to come forth that will make the task of gathering a whole lot easier and He is going to do it through ordinary believers, for signs and wonders will follow believers. It’s not something you can make happen it’s just who He is. The Glory is the realm of ease and rest! I shan’t talk more on this otherwise I will go straight into my sermon haha!!

I’m just amazed at what Jesus is doing, the things He is opening up and what He is doing in my life. I just want to insert a praiseee break here!!!! I’ve had a wonderful Easter break, I don’t think I’ve never read so much in my life and I have also had the privilege of going to a local catholic church and experiencing their Easter Celebration which was amazing! When I was at the local food store last week we arrived moments after a serious accident involving a bin lorry and three other vehicles. So one of the few days I leave the house this is what I see – an accident site. There was such a sense of timing to be there just for that and to pray for those involved for swift recovery. I felt such a tugging while trying to shop, I knew I had to go and pray. I’m experiencing this new thing where I start coming over faint when I need to pray into something so it has been an experience this term end break! It’s like a whole new realm of the supernatural is opening up! I’m so excited! What is instore this term I wonder!

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