Just Jesus

I have this severe tendency to over think and it gets all weird when I do that and I find when I just get back to that simple reality of Jesus I feel so light and wonderful! And God has been doing that past few weeks I’ve really felt and I like it. The bible says … More Just Jesus

The Big Question

I think for most of us, we want answers to what lies ahead. What is gonna happen in my life. With this in mind many people, myself included can end up in discouragement land because we often don’t have the answer because we don’t ask Father the questions, when we do though He answers – always! … More The Big Question

Break free

I’m gonna start writing more, I feel I have this gift so I’m gonna use it more 😀 This past weekend I went through what I felt like was an attack of some sort, it started the weekend before actually kind of, I’d finished preaching and all afternoon and evening felt like I was having … More Break free


I have been feeling to write a blog the past few days, I didn’t know entirely what on so instead I’ve decided to go with what I’m learning past few days and discovering. I’ve noticed how I’ve been having these encounters and writing them down and refreshing my mind with them but still yet to … More Freedom!!!!!

Half term and half way through first year :O

Hello everyone  I thought I’d write a blog post again tonight and just share few things that I’m learning, recognising and celebrating! It’s half way through my first year at the school and I’ve felt challenged throughout but in a good way. So something that I am loving is the heavenly encounters that I feel … More Half term and half way through first year :O

Exciting times

So I’m just sitting on train tonight and really wanting to share few things I’m really excited about. A week ago I had a sozo and one thing I’ve really struggled with as a ‘Christian’ is that there is so much information I had felt like I’d been programmed to think like and it bothered … More Exciting times


Well, Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog but it’s very nice to just relax also.  I have enjoyed the Christmas period, it’s for me a lovely time of year in sorting decorations which I spend hours getting together and adds a certain warmth to the whole time of year when … More 2017!!!