Supporting me


As you may know I am heading back to LSSM for my internship.

I love being part of the school, its been helpful in so many ways, its not so much about the learning and course materials, for me its more about the community – the people, the hunger and passion for God and just getting soaked!

Next year God has told me to continue and I am looking forward to doing just that. I have a clearer vision that God is giving me about where to go and what to do but I also believe in serving others peoples vision, its not just a nice term, its the way the Kingdom works.

For my first year I was supported by the EW church network in Holland and am very grateful to them for supporting me for year one.

For year two I had someone sponsor and cover my course fees, though they will remain anonymous at there request.

For my internship I need to raise about £1000 for my course fees and a substantial amount for my travel as it costs about £18 per day return to school in my new address, though this will possibly be also increasing as I am not eligible for student card anymore on the rail networks as I am now too old eeekk.

Add to this I am also going to visit Pakistan and I believe other nations also this next year so I have travel there and expenses to think about to spread this message of Christ in us the hope of His glory shining through each of us, His love just everywhere wooo!!

I do work three days a week also, with three other days in school. My money I receive from work does not cover my travel expenses etc and is literally for outstanding bills! Believing for this to change!!!!

I currently have two ways of giving:

You can give by visiting;

Or you can give via cheque made out to Craig Twitchett and send to address; 5 Merryfields Avenue, Hockley, Essex, SS5 5AN

If you wish to contact me any further regarding supporting me please message me via social media or please write to me, I love a good letter.

Thank you so much and bless you.